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Hollywood Knights


Get in. Get some. Get out. What could go wrong?


Everything can go wrong.

Especially when, still reeling from an ill-timed break-up, I say yes to the hottest guy in the bar and he turns out to be the ridiculously sexy younger brother - and surprisingly capable manny - of Hollywood's hottest leading man, Landon Trask—who also happens to be my new boss.

In the blink of an eye, Lex McLeod goes from hot one-night stand to hostile housemate who seems hellbent on seeing me fail... when he isn't luring me into the pool house and talking me out of my panties, that is.

Lex has made it clear he’s not above fighting dirty to get what he wants and what he wants is me gone - by any means necessary.

That’s okay - I can handle the fighting. If my ex-boyfriend taught me anything it’s that I’m tougher than I look. What I can’t handle is all the dirty things Lex whispers in my ear between rounds or that it’s suddenly not just my job on the line - it’s my heart.

“Oh…” That smirk is back in full force. He leans across the bar and into my space, the sudden proximity of his mouth to mine pushing the air out of my lungs in a rush. “I think you’ve misunderstood my intentions.”

“Intentions?” I say it like I have no command over the English language, whatsoever. Like I have no idea what the word means. “You have intentions? Toward me?”

“I do.” He gives me a nod, his gaze dropping to my mouth. “I have a lot of them actually—would you like to hear them?”

“Yes…” I breathe the word softly like I’m not sure what it means while he reaches for me—past me—to pull my ponytail over my shoulder. “Yes, please.”

“Excellent.” His fingers tighten around my hair to tug me closer, shooting tingles across my scalp. “I intend to take you home with me, Ellenore,” he whispers it, his lips brushing against mine with every word. “I intend to get you naked.” His blue eyes go dark, and his mouth curves in the kind of smile that would lay me out flat if I weren’t already sitting. “And I intend to make you come so goddamned hard, you forget your own name.”



“I’m dressed like a soccer mom.” What am I doing? Am I actively trying to repel him?

He leans away just enough to look at me. The smile holds. “Hopefully not for long.”


This book has all the feels as do all of Megyn’s books. This was a super heartwarming story of unexpected lovers that will tug at your heartstrings from the very start to the very last page, not to mention many hot and steamy scenes as well. Don’t miss this one!


I have officially been living under a rock because this is my first Megyn Ward book and I can't believe it has taken me this long to find this author! I am definitely loading up my TBR list with more of her books!!  - AMAZON REVIEWER

Megyn Ward always delivers. I'm always pleased with everything of hers I've read. Mr. Wrong was oh-so right and I can't wait for more in this new series!  - AMAZON REVIEWER





Landon Trask is the biggest movie star in the world.
Everyone knows who he is.
Everyone wants a piece of him.
Everyone wants to either be him or be with him.
Any detail or aspect of his private life is voraciously gobbled up by the masses.
Just standing next to him at a red-carpet event is Hollywood Goals.
He’s that kind of famous.
It doesn’t hurt that he’s drop-dead gorgeous, ridiculously talented or that since the death of his wife six years ago, he’s all but turned his back on the very entity that made him famous in the first place.
So, when Landon Trask finds you half-naked in his very private bathroom, snooping through his medicine cabinet, he has every right in the world to assume you’re a stalker and when he shows up on your doorstep the very next day and asks you to dinner, you say, yes.
Imagine my surprise, and monumental disappointment, when Hollywood’s favorite leading man turns out to be a cold, ruthless bastard who all but blackmails me into accepting the indecent proposal of the century—play the role of his girlfriend and shoot to the top of A-lister royalty.
If I accept, he’ll see to it that I’m given the lead role in his latest blockbuster.
And if I refuse, he’s made it clear he’ll use his status as a Hollywood god to see that I never land so much as a laxative commercial again.
When I accept his proposal and agree to his terms, he seems angry.
When he kisses me in public it seems like a fairytale.
When he touches me in private it feels like something else altogether.
It feels dangerous.
Because this business arrangement isn’t just business anymore.
At least not for me.
It’s something else.
Something real.
Something right.
Something that could destroy me if I forget that this is all pretend and let myself fall.

“Are you ready?”

“I am.” Danika looks down at the pair of dark wash, slim-fit jeans, and white, tailored button-down she’s wearing before aiming another look at me, this one decidedly more pointed than the last. “Are you?”

Aiming my own gaze downward I can’t help the chuckle that bubbles in my throat. Not because I wouldn’t be caught dead in public dressed like this but because if I left her apartment wearing a flannel shirt from JC Penney and scuffed steel-toes, the jackals waiting downstairs would catch wise to the fact that I periodically raid my brother’s closet so I can sneak around behind their cameras. “Fair enough,” I say with a nod while I peel out of my borrowed flannel. Tossing it in the direction of my lunchbox, I snag the hem of my T-shirt and pull it up, over my head. “I thought we could go to Davino’s. They have an incredible—”

“You can use my bathroom, you know?” Cheeks flushed, she looks away from me. “You don’t have to do this out here.”

I look down at myself, at the body that’s been called god-like and envy-inducing by every entertainment news outlet and magazine in the country, before shooting her a sly smirk “You showed me yours, Ms. Sawyer,” I remind her while I toe off my work boots. “The least I can do is show you mine.”

                                                                                                                               - MR. RIGHT


Thankful for a writer who can create a strong female lead who's completely likable and capable. And doesn't wait around to be saved. As well as an alpha male who doesn't have to prove he is by only being a jerk. - AMAZON REVIEWER

Megyn's character development is TOP NOTCH...This is an insta-lust, insta-love full length story, filled with drama (this is Hollywood remember) a bitter leading lady, a swoon worthy box office legend, a dirty old "Boss Hogg" relic, and a gorgeous, sweet up-and-comer who's no innocent and can take care of herself. Mr. Right is a fabulous read and it was so nice to be back in the spotlight with the Hollywood Knights. - AMAZON REVIEWER

Megyn has a way of bringing her characters to life and making you feel as if you are right there with them. I would recommend this book 100%…I loved it! - AMAZON REVIEWER


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