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The Kings of Brighton


I learned a long time ago that people can’t be trusted.
I have my brothers.
I don’t need anyone else.
Argenta was an anomaly.
A moment of weakness.
In the space of one night, she slipped past every one of my defenses. For one brief, terrifying moment, she had me believing she was different.
That we could be different.
But in the cold light of day, I saw the truth. She was just like the rest.
I sent her away and tried to move on.
But five years later, here she is.
Only her name’s not Argenta, it’s Silver.
Her father is my newest business partner and she is not the person I thought she was.
She pretends not to know me, but I can see it her eyes.
She knows exactly who I am.
And she hates my guts.
That’s too bad because I’ve decided to keep her.
She’s mine.
This time, she’s not going anywhere.

It was only supposed to be one night...

I move closer. So close I can feel the heat of her on my skin. “Do you have a boyfriend?”      I say before I can stop myself. That eyebrow again, half annoyed, half amused. “No.” She gives me some side-eye. “Do you?” Her sassy little mouth might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard and right now I can think of about fifty different things I’d like to do to it...


Reader Reviews...


"Another fantastic book by Megyn! Loved how it was intertwined with the Gilroy clan. Tobias and Silver are both screwed up but manage to find each other and overcome obstacles in their way. Looking forward to future Kings of Brighton books"

- Amazon Reviewer

"Honestly, I put off reading this book after reading the most current addition of The Gilroy Clan. I mean, how many times have you loved a series and then tried to move on to the next one and been disappointed? WHY AM I SO STUPID? And where is the next addition to The Kings of Brighton?!? LOL! I love a strong heroine paired with an alpha man. The story was entertaining and kept a good pace. As is her way, Megyn richly develops these characters in a way that has you rooting for that HEA and longing to know more about everyone involved. A great start to another fantastic series!!" - Amazon Reviewer

"What's not to like about anything Megyn writes? If you've read Pushing Patrick and Claiming Carie, one of the characters in this book will be familiar to you. Megyn writes well-rounded characters and they all have a flaw or two that just makes you love them even more. While I like happy endings, I do like to see characters deal with real-life issues and Tobias is no exception. If you like hot heroes Tobias isn't one to miss." - Amazon Reviewer

"Wow! What a great book!! Read it all in one evening. If you like Megyn Wards Gilroy Series” you will definitely like Tobias. I can’t wait for the next “Kings of Brighton” book. Tobias is a self-made man that has to learn to trust. Silver is his match in every way!
#megynward #love her books"
-  Amazon Reviewer

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