Paradise Lost


Diving Deep

Kiley: I only have one goal, to go to Grand Cayman, find the man responsible for destroying my life and make him pay. Everything was working according to plan until Zach stumbled into my world. All dimples, blue eyes, a body straight out of a fantasy… and trouble. 
Zach: I didn’t have any goal except to forget the girl who ruined my life. Drinking and f*cking my way through winter break on Grand Cayman seemed like a good plan, until I met Kiley. Blonde, with fiery eyes and a temper to match, all I can think about now is those long legs wrapped around me. 
Kiley: Zach stands in the way of me getting everything I’ll ever need. Why does he suddenly seem like the only thing I’ll ever want? 
Zach: Having Kiley would mean losing everything I want. But could she be the only thing I’ll ever need? 

Hard Dive2.jpg

Hard Dive

Zach: How did I end up here? In love with Kylie, with her flashing blue eyes and fiery spirit, but the very public boy toy of the most famous Celebutante America loves to hate. 
Kylie: I had a plan before Zach crashed into my life, all dimples and charm, sexier than hell. He betrayed me in the most public way possible and I hate him for it. 
Zach: If I don’t convince America that TV’s reality princess is the love of my life, the producers will destroy Kylie. 
Kylie: But I can’t forget how it feels when he touches me. Like the world makes sense. Like I’m not alone anymore. Like maybe, just maybe, he loves me. 
Zach: I’ll do anything to protect Kylie. Even if the thing she needs protecting from is me. 

TIDAL WAVE Final.jpg

Tidal Wave

Lisa: Thank god I’m no longer the Celebutant America loves to hate.  Now my days are filled with motherhood, safe behind the protective walls of my sanctuary in paradise. The only thing missing is Blake.

Blake: I’m engaged to marry a great girl who is devoted to me. I’m going back to paradise to reconnect with my best friends so they can share in my new life. If I’m honest, that’s not the only reason I’m here.  

Lisa: I’ve never stopped loving Blake or remembering the way he touched me. I want him in my life, in my bed.

Blake: I should be happy but I can’t forget Liesa and the love we shared. No one has ever made me feel what she did.

Lisa: He made his choice to walk away four years ago and even if I could trust he wouldn’t break my heart again, he’d never forgive me for not telling him about his daughter.

Blake: I didn’t expect to see her again… or to fall so hard. She made her choice to let me leave four years ago. How can I trust her not to break my heart again?

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